About the Happy Couple

Hello All!

If you’re reading this about page, then you must be taking an interest in our blog! If that interest extends as far enough to learn more about my husband and I, then you’re in luck and came to the right place. This is Retired and Kicking (you probably already know), and my husband and I, Doug (or “Big Doug”) and Phyllis, are the owners .

By reading the name of our blog, you may have already surmised that we are in fact retired! It’s been a long journey, and we certainly aren’t an early retirement case to say the least. We’re both well into our 60s, so our retirement is somewhat typical for those of our generation. But with that being said, we’re siked to be at this stage in our lives: kids are out of the house and independent, we have enough saved to last quite a while, and we paid off on our mortgage. Now we’re ready to live it up!

Needless to say, Big Doug and I are looking for new ways to express ourselves as well as experience the world. We want to try new things, and something that was on my bucket list happened to be starting a blog of my own! I, of course, wasn’t going to start this thing all on my own! I got my beloved Doug to help me out, but I should say he never had a choice. We do everything together 🙂

We have two  main goals when it comes to our average readers’ experience: that they pick up  new ideas for travels, trips, and experiences and that they learn how to manage themselves and their finances effectively for retirement.

For starters, we are still kicking like I said. And I always loved the blogs that discuss all sorts of fun adventures, so this is my attempt at chronicling the adventures of our retirement! Of course, I would love to feature the adventures of others on here too!

I did say there were two goals to this blog. The second goal is for our readers to learn about personal finance! This one was Big Doug’s idea; in fact, it was his condition for helping me with the blog :). We picked up quite a bit of knowledge on our road to retirement. We relayed plenty of this information to our  kids already, but now it is time to extend that help further. Just so this blog has some educational value to the world (in the words of my favorite Doug himself).

So there you have it! Enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me with any questions.  If you’d like to see an article up here about personal finance, then send a message to us in our contact form! Also, if you want to send in an article about a cool trip idea, then that is fun too! We want to grow our blog and represent plenty of views including our own. Help us out!

-Big Doug and Phyllis!